You are only 3 introductions away from any other person on the planet...

Yet in a world where we are seemingly increasingly connected some might say we have actually lost a degree of connection - our relationship to the natural world and to the earth keepers who have always farmed in harmony with nature. It's this disconnect that creates a barrier preventing us from giving thanks to the growers and the lands that birth the products we consume.
Farmer’s names and faces now hidden behind brands and certifications and towns and villages now concealed behind country names.

Through we return to the roots, becoming one with the farmers, sinking our hands into the soil together, honouring the real heroes behind our coffee - the people and place.

bean to cup is a one way trip... this is a return journey

Come rain or shine the growers are out there embracing the elements, the flows of nature and the challenges of farming life. We feel that the incredible warmth within these coffee growing communities should be met by a warmer form of exchange. Whilst money alone can be a little cold, when you combine it with the smiles, words of thanks, appreciation, recognition and admiration shared by the coffee consumers from far afield and through many languages you can melt hearts.